50+ UPF Sun Protection

Plus Sizes

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Plus Size Swimwear
We have a great range of Men and Womens Plus Size 50+ UV swimwear for larger men and ladies. Our swim shirts, swim shorts, swimsuits and sun hats all come in a great range of colours and designs. Team a swim shirt with  swim shorts and a sun hat for all over UV sun protection. Long sleeve swim shirts or rash shirts are available in most styles and our adult swimsuits and stinger suits are ideal for active water sports.

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Quality Sun Protection
All of our swimwear has a Sun Protection Factor of 50+ (SPF 50+) and is guaranteed to block 98% or more of both UVA and UVB. The fabric will protect delicate skin from harmful UV rays whether wet or dry. Our quality Australian made fabric is chlorine resistant and will not stretch out of shape or fade even after many seasons.